The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is the top conservation organization that operates around the world to save, maintain and protect ecologically important waters and lands for people and nature. The Conservancy addresses the most pressing threats faced by natural areas around the world.

The organization has over one million members who have helped to build one of the world's strongest organizations that has been in existence since 1951. The Conservancy has so far successfully protected over 120 million acres and close to 5,000 rivers across the globe and they operate over 100 marine conservation projects.

The organization is present in all the 50 states in the United States and in over 30 countries, in areas such as protected habitats to coral reefs, and in grasslands extending from Alaska to Australia to Zambia. Threats the Conservancy addresses are climate change, conservation of ocean and fresh water bodies.

Good science is the root of everything the Conservancy does and is accomplished thanks to the huge staff of scientists that number in the hundreds. The Conservancy is rooted in pursuing pragmatic and non-confrontational solutions to the different conservation challenges that exist.

The organization partners with a myriad of different groups that include indigenous communities, businesses, multilateral institutions, governments and other organizations to fulfill its aims and missions. The strong performance by the Conservancy has been recognized by Charity Navigator as meeting or exceeding the standard of the industry. They operate in an open and transparent way with their financial statements and annual reports open for the public perusal.

The Nature Conservancy is focusing more and more on the important issues of today such as global climate change, which is affecting the entire world and making it even harder to maintain, rescue or save what Nature has given to the planet. The American Institute of Philanthropy recently named the Nature Conservancy a "Top Rated Charity". The Conservancy is in compliance with the Ethical Guidelines for Fundraising and Other Nonprofit Communications.


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